J14O7-B a planet 400 light years away from earth has rings 200 times bigger than Saturn

HD 1069O6 b a planet 300 light years away from earth is eleven times bigger than Jupiter

TrEs-2b is the darkest planet known to exist and reflect less than one percent of light

55 Cancri e is a massive diamond in space

Glisese 436 b is an ice planet, which is very close to its parent star but its ice never, melts because of the gravity

Glisese 581 c could d support life. One side of the planet has harsh sunlight while the other half remain forever shrouded in darkness

The only place where you could survive on Glisese 581 c is in the narrow strip of twilight between the two sides. The sky of Glisese 581 c is deep crimson and every plant on the surface would have to use unafraid light for photosynthesis which gives them a deep black colour

Nicknamed as water world GJ 1214b has been identified as an ocean planet has absolutely no land

Wasp-17b is very unusual as it is the largest planet ever discovered as its size is 1.9 times bigger than Jupiter

HD 188753 is located in most disar solar system in the universe has three parent stars means any one standing on  HD 188753 would have triple shadows and witness  almost daily solar eclipses and see a sunset no matter which direction they faced on the planet

Planets which don’t have a sun to orbit are known as planimoes. Planimoes are cold as they no parent star to warm them up an keep floating in the space

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